Friday, May 29, 2015


     Finally is the word of the day.  It's finally summer break after my 33rd year of teaching.  It's finally going to clear off and get sunny, maybe tomorrow?  And I'm finally getting started blogging.

     I've thought about doing this for two years, but life happens and things get put on back burners.
However, I have enjoyed following so many blogs that I decided now is the time to start my own!

     So why did I call it "Writing, Reading, and Roaming"?   I love to do so many things.  Teach, cook, decorate, etc.  But writing is a big part of my life and getting a book published is a number one goal.  The reading part is easy.  And I have developed a severe case of "wanderlust" in the last few years.

     My first book review is on the book Eight Keys by Suzanne LaFleur.

    Elise is 11 and lives with Uncle Hugh and Aunt Bessie.  She has a best friend, Franklin.  Even though she has lost both parents, life is pretty good.
     Then she starts middle school and has to deal with bullying and frustration with her classes.  Her friendship with Franklin is no longer cool.  And, she gets herself in a big mess.
     The eight keys, however, bring her back to herself.  And show her what is really important.  Don't want to spoil it, so I'll stop there.
     This is such a great book, because it explores all those hard times of being this age without being cheesy or patronizing.
     Run out and get it!  And, keep a box of tissues near you at the end.